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Ottawa Japanese Community Association
Non-Profit Organization
From November 2021
Flower Blossoms


Graphic Creation & Branding

Project Goals:

  • To create a digital presence on social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram.

  • To engage with the Japanese Canadian community and provide information on activities, events, and community members.

Project Term:

November 2021 - Present

Project Process:

  • Creation of an Instagram account

  • Creation of original social media graphics and posts

  • Ensuring each post is on brand

  • Creation of social media campaigns


  • What's Your Holiday Tradition? Video Series


  • Instagram - Growth rate of 6% and 7% increase in organic reach.

Small Street in Japan


Caption Copy & Hashtag

Target Audience:

  • Japanese Canadian Community

  • Japanese citizens in Canada/Ottawa

  • Ottawa residents interested in Japanese culture

  • Instagram - Teenagers to Millenials

  • Facebook - Millenials to Gen X

Tone and Voice:

  • Friendly, Informative, Respectful

Research Performed:

  • Target Audience Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Hashtag and Topic Research

Video Creation for Social Media Campaign

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